Within these language learning resources there are PDFs of storybooks and accompanying activities and workbooks which can be downloaded and printed.

Awesiinyensag: Dibaajimowinan

Awesiinyensag presents stories around the antics of animals who playfully deal with situations familiar to children in all cultures. These original stories were written in Ojibwemowin by a team of 12 language speakers and illustrated by Wesley Ballinger.


Written by 15 first speakers and a team of linguists, teachers, and Ojibwe language experts, and illustrated by Wesley Ballinger. Conceived and presented only in Ojibwe, the stories reflect a rare authenticity as they transmit cultural values, increase vocabulary, and reinforce identity.


Stories by Nancy Jones, Eugene Stillday, Rose Tainter, Anna Gibbs, Marlene Stately, Keller Paap, Michael Sullivan, John D. Nichols, and Luccia Bonacci. Illustrated by Wesley Ballinger.

Naadamaading: Dibaajimowinan

Authored by a team of 11 Ojibwe language speakers and illustrated by Jonathan Thunder, these stories were created to encourage learning Ojibwemowin.


These characters are learning how to share, developing healthy relationships, and navigating the living culture of the Anishinaabe. These stories were created by first speakers and written down with the help of several scholars and second language learners, and illustrated by Andrea Carlson.