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Encouragement, Guidance, Insights, and Lessons Learned for Native Language Activists Developing Their Own Tribal Language Program

By Darrell R. Kipp

A conversation with twelve visiting Native American Language Activists providing guidance and an analysis of some of the essentials for developing immersion language programs.

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Struggling Learners and Language Immersion Education: Research-based, Practitioner-informed Responses to Educators’ Top Questions

A handbook for dual language and immersion educators.

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Dual Language Instruction from A to Z: Practical Guidance for Teachers and Administrators

A comprehensive guide to immersion education.

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Ojibwe Video Tutorials

These eleven video tutorials have been created by The College of St. Scholastica to demonstrate immersion methodology and classroom management in Ojibwemowin. All videos, including the one shown to the right, are narrated in Ojibwemowin. Bilingual scripts for each video are also available by clicking the corresponding Read button and downloading the matching script.

You can also view all of these videos on our YouTube Channel.

Read: Iskigamizigeng
Read: Gashkigwaasowin
Read: Zhaazhiibiiwin
Read: Endanakiiyang
Read: Chi-bikwaakwad
Read: Ge-izhi-ayagindaasong
Read: Bepeshinidiwin
Read: Ge-izhi-maawanji’iding
Read: Ge-izhi-dazhindamang Yo’ow Gidinwewininaan
Read: Ezhi-ayaang
Read: Enagindaasong miinawaa Ezhibii’igeng