Position: Family, Friends, and Neighbors Ojibwe Immersion Childcare Providers Internship
Organization: Ojibwemotaadidaa Omaa Gidakiiminaang

SUMMARY: The Ojibwe Language Program Ojibwemotaadidaa Omaa Gidakiiminaang (OOG) of Fond du Lac Tribal College is please to announce that we are seeking candidates for a paid internship ($25 per hour/20-40 hours per week), which will provide intensive training and experience in Ojibwe immersion childcare and education to four potential FFN childcare providers.

What is an FFN provider? An FFN provider is someone who can provide legally unlicensed childcare to families. In partnership with OOG and FDL, the FFN provider will specialize in providing Ojibwe Immersion childcare to families in Minnesota. FFN providers are frequent choice of care for families of infants and toddlers in diverse cultural communities.

Position: Ojibwe Language Curriculum Specialist
Organization: Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe

SUMMARY: The Ojibwe Language Curriculum Specialist is responsible for the development and design of curriculum for NASS Ojibwe Language & Culture Program K-12. This is accomplished by developing Ojibwe Language curriculum aligning with the core K-12 Curriculum used by Nay Ah Shing School. Curriculum will revolve around the traditional and cultural teaching of Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe.

Position: Ojibwe Language Substitute Teacher
Organization: Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe

SUMMARY: The Ojibwe Language Substitute Teacher is a full-time position, which may be assigned to any Ojibwe classroom in the entire Nay Ah Shing School system and Wewinabi. The Ojibwe Language Substitute Teacher is responsible to follow the lesson plan as prepared by the regular classroom teacher or develop their own if subbing in a classroom on a long-term basis. The Substitute Teacher is responsible to implement the behavior plan of the school and classroom.

Position: Ojibwe Language Technology Integration Specialist
Organization: Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe

SUMMARY: An Ojibwe Language Technology Integration Specialist is an information technology professional found within school systems. These professionals are charged with assisting classroom teachers with the incorporation of technological hardware and software and helping teachers effectively integrate technology with Ojibwe Language into the curriculum by:

• Learning the basics of using technologies
• Using technologies to support Ojibwe Language instruction
• Integrating new technologies into classroom practices
• Discovering new uses for technology tools
• Designing projects that combine multiple technologies
• Focusing on cooperative, project-based and interdisciplinary work, with technology being just one of the many tools that students use.
• Adding Ojibwe Language Curriculum and Materials to the NAS website.

Positions: Ojibwe Language Medium Classroom Teachers, ELA Teacher and Request for Proposals for Fundraising Consultant

Organization: Waadookodaading
Application Deadline: Open until filled
Waadookodaading is seeking Ojibwe Medium Classroom Lead Teachers, English Language Arts Lead Teacher for the upcoming School Year 2023-2024. Waadookodaading is also requesting proposals for a Fundraising Consultant (individual or organization to plan and lead a fundraising campaign. Call 715-634-8924 x 1270 for information on how to apply or click the link below to visit Waadookodaading.org, under “Dibendaagoziwin (Community)”

Positions: Substitute Teacher, and Elementary Education Teacher

Organization: Endazhi-Nitaawiging Charter School
Application Deadline: Open Until Filled
The ultimate goal of the educational program at Endazhi-Nitaawiging is to create a school where our students can see themselves in all that they are learning. Endazhi-Nitaawiging will foster a learning environment for young people grounded in Anishinaabe culture that focuses not just on instruction in academics but also on social-emotional well-being. We are firm believers in the Indigenous genius that exists among our people.

Postion: Ojibwe Immersion Teacher

Organization: Niigaane
Application Deadline: Open until filled
Applications can be downloaded from www.bugonaygeshig.com or call 218-665-3068, leave your name, number, and address.